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Father's Day/Juneteenth Bail Out

Black Lives Matter / Memphis Community Bail Fund

For many of us, our fathers mean the world to us and Father's Day is a day when we take time out to celebrate and honor the fathers and father-like figures in our life. But unfortunately, the money bail system separates families and makes it impossible for many fathers and their children to be together on Father's Day. 
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    $18.00 monthly / 67 days ago

    Valued At: $216.00

    "Justice, justice shall you pursue, that you may thrive" צֶ֥דֶק צֶ֖דֶק תִּרְדֹּ֑ף Deut. 16:20 May we work together to make a society that is truly just for all.

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    Rachel Foran

    $1,500.00 / 84 days ago

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    $131.00 / 117 days ago

  • 5760007d20faaa86b43b4b58946fbfdc? nophoto

    Kathryn Day

    $15.00 / 118 days ago

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    Alex Hensley

    $20.62 / 118 days ago

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    Kevin De Liban

    $51.55 / 131 days ago

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    Kayla Brooks

    $25.78 / 133 days ago

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    $20.62 / 137 days ago

    This is a good cause. I hope my small donation helps. -Curtis Meadows

  • C0504b5099eb8e2b21dc61e918b8da8e? nophoto

    Tomeka Hart

    $25.00 monthly / 142 days ago

    Valued At: $300.00

    Thank you for your service and commitment to criminal justice reform! I am inspired by your work. We need you out here. Tomeka Hart

  • 1c42bac2d453457996c2dd3f2bf2259a? nophoto

    Terrance Gaines

    $50.00 / 146 days ago

    I know Father's Day has passed but I hope this contribution helps.

  • 1baabc96d689bf239f16264f9bc6ecdd? nophoto

    William Johnson

    $103.10 / 150 days ago

  • 314b2d08836117316f128db304543d48? nophoto

    Jon L Hedges

    $20.00 / 152 days ago

  • C79bf8a856a55d365b8e29dc63a83e1b? nophoto

    Lindsay Hammond

    $30.00 / 152 days ago

    Proceeds from selling BLM signs. -SURJ Memphis

  • Bf0ddaab5ae450107766500aa840e11c? nophoto

    J Peter McLain

    $100.00 / 154 days ago

  • 9a234b1d84ccc0ea6d2051ff06912970? nophoto

    Jackie Tolomeo

    $15.00 / 154 days ago

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    $20.62 / 154 days ago

    Way to go. In solidarity, from CA.

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    Alonszo Caldwell

    $50.00 / 155 days ago

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    $20.00 / 155 days ago

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    $10.31 / 155 days ago

  • F64043515369767e567a780bb98c85e2? nophoto

    Justin Bailey

    $30.00 / 156 days ago

  • Bfa48033d50f9bd052385b59d8fadc4f? nophoto

    Pametria Brown

    $25.00 / 156 days ago

    RBG Productions supports your amazing efforts! Thank you and keep doing the work for our community.

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    $200.00 / 156 days ago

    happy fathers day

  • 9f5b1de3582233162f7b7a751c84910d? nophoto

    Danica Wilks

    $8.00 / 156 days ago

    Thank you for the necessary work of alleviating mass incarceration in our communities!

  • 888191f8e44f50441f9801cb3d8b4736? nophoto

    James Baker

    $15.46 / 156 days ago

    Happy Fathers Day. -Rick Baker

  • 9f6a51e204f52ce42949346de7e02724? nophoto

    Priscilla Middlebrooks

    $21.26 / 156 days ago

  • 3eeefe1b88dbb86c43a30de526343375? nophoto

    Sarah Bennett

    $25.78 / 156 days ago

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    Kimberly Bryant

    $20.62 / 157 days ago


  • 0f1c097208176ac41c1632fdd1079513? nophoto

    Naomi Van Tol

    $50.00 / 157 days ago

  • 26a4f4028b30564929b6a09ff033acdd? nophoto

    Dominique Gonzales

    $20.62 / 157 days ago

    Thank yall for doing this work. It's so needed and necessary.

  • 933d89d74c7b5f28f4f371602487524e? nophoto

    Eloise Weeks

    $200.00 / 157 days ago

    Thank you for taking on this great cause

  • 270c8fc4c21c4e767d51541a29cf186a? nophoto

    Tyrone Stroble

    $10.00 / 157 days ago

  • 5bc1f269dc073e1f0923b93d659266ca? nophoto

    Alicia McSpadden

    $25.78 / 157 days ago

  • 64d5e26c471940d8ee416c42ce70a67f? nophoto

    Sheree Rodgers

    $23.20 / 157 days ago

    Thank you all so much for everything that you do, team! And, Happy Father's Day, dads! Sending you all love and peace!

  • 61b1d62d9f2c7c91be40a976dce05e9b? nophoto

    Lydia Crivens

    $25.00 / 157 days ago

  • C4caae05fddc91226896399c2f411eb9? nophoto

    Geresha Bedford

    $15.46 / 157 days ago

    I salute each of you for your humanitarian Spirits as well as your strength to be a voice for those who of us who have been forced into silence and isolation! It's not much but I definitely support your efforts

  • C79bf8a856a55d365b8e29dc63a83e1b? nophoto

    Lindsay Hammond

    $20.00 / 157 days ago

    This money came from selling Black Lives Matter signs. I am from SURJ Memphis.

  • 98d261d95ac0eb148966a9529ba0991e? nophoto

    Cassie Ford

    $20.62 / 157 days ago

    Keep going yall!

  • D727005c6b4df22256f35b468abad501? nophoto

    William McLain

    $10.00 / 158 days ago

  • 24d6df7c64fa73accf8b7b06c79194c4? nophoto

    Scott Fox

    $100.01 / 159 days ago

  • 440be3670b85bbbe915eeb556e7b261b? nophoto

    Tony Eskridge

    $5.16 / 159 days ago

  • Ac44d925b7a3c76679eb3a7061fca413? nophoto

    Patricia Finnegan

    $25.78 / 159 days ago

    No should ever have to remain in jail simply because they cannot afford bail. This is blatant classism, is neither fair nor just, and creates 21st century debtors' prisons.

  • 090494ec13a4d61f0322c71eb23d7523? nophoto

    Connor Hurley

    $5.00 / 160 days ago

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    $20.00 / 160 days ago


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    $100.00 / 160 days ago

    Donation from Sarah Kyle.

  • 839d398126e37d206240c4cfd200e990? nophoto

    Kathleen Quinlen

    $10.00 / 160 days ago

  • 81f536f073b6c9108862eac2516b6c6e? nophoto

    Brandon Johnson

    $5.00 / 161 days ago

  • 63f117a741de8a4683bb87f9c3fb4777? nophoto

    Gregory Woodberry

    $51.55 / 161 days ago

  • 48f4a785ac4d0da0f1f90cae9eb3af82? nophoto

    Edwin Tharpe

    $25.00 / 161 days ago

    Keep up the great work and Happy Father's Day to all.

  • 1c42bac2d453457996c2dd3f2bf2259a? nophoto

    Terrance Gaines

    $40.00 / 161 days ago

    I love what you are doing. This is awesome. Everyone deserves a second chance. Prayerfully more will follow suit and donate. Godspeed.

  • Ef8fb78075fc5acace2e141b931ba51a? nophoto

    Deidra Brooks

    $51.55 / 161 days ago

    I wish I could do so much more. Thank you for pioneering this effort to let our people know that we love them, miss them and value them and are fighting for them.

  • 1a30ce3189dda069ac64945ac73fba66? nophoto

    James Mungin

    $10.00 / 161 days ago

  • 9a0ff3247bafa9c4e9957aa5be94c2e8? nophoto

    Solange Brinson

    $100.00 / 163 days ago

    Thank you for doing this. There are so many that don't deserve to be locked in cages just because they are targeted and/or aren't privileged like others.

  • 54e43388389b702590056842dac9a5e1? nophoto

    Alex McTaggart

    $25.00 / 164 days ago

  • 0cce179f0f456fb0fd1342ab63cd154c? nophoto

    Briana Perry

    $25.78 / 165 days ago

  • 7bb8587840598e11e3bbd16d3b2a79d2? nophoto

    Erica Perry

    $20.00 / 165 days ago

    Y'all are doing amazing work!

  • C2374cc27758b280ab6dd59d4be3f744? nophoto

    Nancy Walker

    $100.00 / 165 days ago

    Thank you for organizing this. People not convicted of crimes should not be kept in jail indefinitely just because they are poor. Fathers need to be with their children until/unless convicted of a crime.

  • Ddc33fb0a981d34511fc26221e235e0e? nophoto

    Iain Parks

    $2.00 / 165 days ago

  • Eb25417ad61c68b7ad055e7e198ebf65? nophoto

    Christopher Meadows

    $25.00 / 166 days ago

  • Aa4a942fe4f83f291456e96d018e580d? nophoto

    Charles Belenky

    $15.00 / 167 days ago

    Bail is abused in Shelby County. People who will come to court should be let out to work and support their families.

About Father's Day/Juneteenth Bail Out

The Memphis Community Bail Fund is bailing out Fathers and other community members in celebration of Juneteenth and Father's Day.  Our goal is: to raise funds to help cover the costs of bail and supportive services while raising awareness about the issues that exist with the money bail system and the impact of bail on community members and the people we love. It is estimated that an average of 700,000 people are separated from their families and condemned to jail simply because they cannot afford to pay bail. 

This is an opportunity to draw attention to the huge injustice of the money bail system and help create the world we want to live in. Through our bailouts, we are inviting community members into a conversation about the money bail system and jails. We are also working with families and community stakeholders to experiment with creating a strong supportive services infrastructure that can hold our people in humane and dignified ways. We know through our bail work that providing people with the resources they need to thrive reduces their encounters with the criminal legal system and in turn, decreases recidivism.

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